the organic approach

Project management of any building project is challenging but historic buildings present their own difficulties. There is no absolutely certain way of determining the extent of the work required prior to removing the surface covering to reveal the full extent of the structure, however we use our experience to preempt any nasty surprises.

gantt charts

All our projects are managed along professional project management lines and the client will receive a full break down of the projected work in the form of a Gantt chart prior to starting followed by updates as work progresses. This forms a solid basis for discussing progress and providing a clear visual representation of all site activities.

old heydon aharr!

Building Detective and History
Although not part of the building process, we believe it important to understand as much of the history of a building before beginning work. This helps in planning the work and also in deciding the re-building order, which may need to be amended to incorporate features that have lain hidden for many years.

For while the basic structure of a building is clear for all to see, often a building will have been altered several times during its existence to incorporate different living requirements. Understanding the structure of a building, its former and present uses, any alterations and additions within and on top of existing structures, helps us produce a scheme that works in harmony with the building.