Completed Projects

The Organic Building Company recruits and develops its own directly employed workforce. Our core team has many years of experience working on Grade I and Grade II listed buildings. Below are some examples of their commitment to their work. Client references are available upon request.

Significant Historical Buildings

  • Stowe Gardens, Buckinghamshire
  • Harlexton Manor, Stamford
  • Wimpole Hall, Cambridge
  • Peterhouse College, Cambridge

Vernacular Buildings

  • Crackbones Cottage, Whitecone
  • Old Coach House, Sandy
  • Three House Shoes, Cotton
  • South How House, Bedford
  • Lower North End, Heydon


  • The Decentre's Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery
  • Kimboulton Church
  • Great Dunstam Church
  • Franston Church